GNU Health

- The following organizations are part of the GNU Health network:



Thymbra is the leading company and original founder of the GNU Health project, the Free Health and Hospital Information System. Thymbra is a Free Software company specialized in Medical Informatics and ERP. In April 2011 Thymbra transferred GNU Health to the Non Profit Organization GNU Solidario. Our offices are in Spain and Argentina

Our Medical Informatics division develops free software solutions for doctors, institutions, NGOs and country health services. We make special emphasis on helping out developing countries in improving their population health campaigns, epidemiology studies and socio-economics of their people. Proper health care must be universal for everyone of us, no matter where we live.

AXXITE Business Consulting

AXXITE Business Consulting is a german-based provider of services around information technology. Since 2001 we help customers to define their IT-Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, run software selections and provide professional Project- and Program-Management to make your project a success.
Next to implementation support for the ERP market leader, AXXITE supports Free-and Open Source solutions (FOSS) like GNU Health. Beeing committed to FOSS since its formation, AXXITE supports GNU Health by packaging the software for openSUSE and providing a Live-CD for test and trial purposes.

Sílex Sistemas

Sílex Sistemas is responsible for the translation of GNU Health to Brazilian Portuguese and offers to its customers deployment, support, customization and training services.
We are dedicated to the development and implementation of information management systems since the year 2000 and we are located in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. We operate in 15 Brazilian states. We count with a solid team always willing to offer the best work and that seeks constant improvement of its technical and scientific capabilities.

We are a company MPS.Br certified, the practices of Brazilian quality system of software development. This means that the work and products of Sílex Sistemas conform to international standards of production, specification and project management. It means quality of service and product delivery to our customers. We believe in free software as an economic and social development tool. We also believe in free software as an ethical way of doing business.

Fundación Dominicana de Software Libre (FDSL)

Fundación Dominicana de Software Libre (FDSL) is a nongovernmental organization established under the laws of the Dominican Republic.
Our mission: "Disseminate, promote, teach and distribute the knowledge acquired under schemes of freedom and ethical rules of proper use of the software and knowledge, as well as works produced by the human intellect and made freely available to humanity."


FOXLAB is a provider of infrastructure solutions and its main project GNU Health. Currently we created the online manual in Brazilian Portuguese, translated from its original English. We are focused on technological solutions with Free Software applied to social policies, education and health. We have years of experience in the public sector with many digital inclusion projects, technology in education, digital health and intelligent infrastructure, all based on open technologies, successfully implemented in the federal government.


Silix es una empresa dedicada a brindar soluciones informáticas que permitan a sus clientes aprovechar todas las ventajas del software libre. Nacida en ámbitos académicos de la provincia de Entre Ríos, Silix se ha involucrado de manera activa en esta tendencia mundial hacia el código libre, cuyo objetivo es conseguir productos de calidad, favorecer el desarrollo constante y facilitar la adecuación a necesidades específicas.

Las tecnologías vinculadas al manejo de información ofrecen hoy posibilidades muy atractivas. Silix pretende mantener a sus clientes insertos en esta tendencia implementando en empresas u organizaciones de la región tecnologías innovadoras a nivel mundial.


PRESIK. Somos una empresa de servicios especializada en apoyar la innovación de las PYMES, creemos firmemente que la inversión en innovación es una necesidad apremiante para alcanzar el liderazgo en el mercado, brindar sostenibilidad a su organización, dar valor agregado a los productos y generar la fidelidad anhelada de sus clientes y consumidores.

Contamos con dos unidades de negocio:

1. Gestión de la Innovación
Consultoría y asesoría en gestión de la innovación Outsourcing en investigación y desarrollo de productos.
2. Desarrollo de Soluciones de Software

Implementación de Soluciones para la Gestión Empresarial, bajo la plataforma Tryton ERP Soluciones biométricas para la seguridad y control de acceso para su empresa.

Nuestra misión es mejorar la rentabilidad de su empresa implementando las mejores prácticas tecnológicas, en innovación, desarrollo de productos y aplicaciones. Llámenos y solicite una visita diagnostica sin ningún costo ni compromiso.

Integrated Open Source Solutions

Integrated Open Source Solutions is a corporation managed by professionals that have many years of experience in the Business and Information Technology industry. We specialize in building custom made and cost efficient solutions for our clients with the use of Open Source tools and technologies. We aim to help companies that cannot afford expensive commercial software and to help companies whose needs do not fit what is currently available in the market.

We take pride in having solution oriented professionals who excel in managing projects, collaborating with project teams interfacing with clients and deploying technology to build successful solutions for our clients.

We provide a complete set of Information Technology services ranging from Requirements Definition, Development, Implementation, to Network and Server Admin services and Maintenance.


Edgar Hagenbichler supports you with planning and developing a free libre open source Artificial Intelligence aimed for Health for All. GNU Health is the suitable platform to satisfy your requirements regarding workflow, economy, transparency, digital patient and quality on all levels of healthcare.


PanasIP is a solutions integrator company in the area of information technology and communication.We offer consultancy, implementation and management of information and comunications systems.We have alliances with technology leaders in other to provide solutions to our customers enabling them to focus primarily on improving their production processes.
Panasip has a strong technological base and high qualificated professionals, combined with expert management of suppliers, with constant attention to quality of service, constant innovation, extensive experience in implementing solutions.


Open Applications Firm ​is managed by health professionals with many years of experience in the health and Information Technology industries. We provide support mainly for health solutions (and non-health) using robust and cost-effective open source technologies. We operate within GCC territories.

Blue Rose Projects

Blue Rose Projects'vision is to assist communities and companies achieving their strategic and operational objectives.
We believe that project failure is not fate.
With our technical expertise and our network of global partners, we can help implement integrated solutions in the area of Information and Technology (IT), Business Management, Health, Education and Agriculture using sound project management methodologies and best practices.

Sim Soluciones de Inteligencia de Mercados

Soluciones de Inteligencia de Mercados is a business consulting firm located in Mexico with wide experience on ERP implementations, Health Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) including support and development, such as Tryton and GNU Health, as well as Business Intelligence solutions.
With proven skills and expertise of each one of our business consultants, we specialize on business process optimization including prospection, sales, logistics, accounting, treasury and finance, purchase, inventory management, manufacturing, human resources, strategic planning, allowing us to achieve successful implementations on short time.


LiberOrbis is a Peruvian company that enters the market because the demand for technological solutions for small and medium businesses.

Your offer basically is made up of free software solutions in 2 lines:
1. A branch oriented business management through ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions as Tryton ERP.
2. Another line of business is shaped by the GNU Health, hospital management software and electronic health records targeted at health centers.
Our business model is adjacent services to the implementation of these solutions: installation, customization, custom module development, training and post-sales technical support.

Soluciones 8a

Soluciones 8a consulting company focused on assessing, designing and defining software tailored to the needs and capacity of the organization that require solutions, using the experiences of your workgroup and use of relevant international standards to effectively and efficiently get better results in their operations.

Municipalidad de Villa Nueva

Municipalidad de Villa Nueva The "Empresa Municipal de la Salud" of Villa Nueva central purpose is; to promote actions aimed at prevention, promotion, coordination, recovery and rehabilitation of the health of the population within their territorial boundaries and areas of influence, in order to ensure the complete physical, mental and social well-being, through the provision of health care to all residents of the municipality.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Jamaica

The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Jamaica is the pre-eminent Government organization whose mandate is "To ensure the provision of quality health services and to promote healthy lifestyles and environmental practices". The Ministry, together with its Regional Health Authorities (RHAs), Agencies and related organizations make up the public health system and are responsible for health care delivery across the island.

Py Solutions

Serpent Consulting Services, India. Founded since 2011 has been active in the world of Opensource and especially providing opensource business solutions to various nature of industries to provide configuration, implementation, training and support services on Open Source ERPs. SerpentCS is one of the fastest growing companies with the goal of providing most efficient software services. They have a huge experience in delivering ERP solutions for different verticals, having implementations on GNU Health to clinics, hospitals and pharmacies.