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The following organizations and companies offer implementation and / or training services:

Thymbra is the leading company and original founder of the GNU Health project, the Free Health and Hospital Information System. Thymbra is a Free Software company specialized in Medical Informatics and ERP. In April 2011 Thymbra transferred GNU Health to the Non Profit Organization GNU Solidario. Our offices are in Spain and Argentina

Our Medical Informatics division develops free software solutions for doctors, institutions, NGOs and country health services. We make special emphasis on helping out developing countries in improving their population health campaigns, epidemiology studies and socio-economics of their people. Proper health care must be universal for everyone of us, no matter where we live.

B2CK is the main driving force behind Tryton. Specialists in design, architecture and implementation of Tryton modules. B2CK provides also support for new or existing GNU Health installations.
Serpent Consulting Services

Serpent Consulting Services (also known as SerpentCS) is an emerging player of ERP industry and medical informatics. With the vision of making the world more happier & healthier with the help of OpenSource, we dedicate ourselves to our customers. We have an expertise of OpenSource ERPs and contributed to them.

Having in-depth knowledge of ERP and medical vertical makes us strong as a provider of various services like Training, Development, Support and Implementation. As our social actiities depict, we believe in Philantrophy and Charity; thus contributing a little to the society. SerpentCS : Where Time, Quality and Accuracy are valued the most!

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Silix es una empresa dedicada a brindar soluciones informáticas que permitan a sus clientes aprovechar todas las ventajas del software libre. Nacida en ámbitos académicos de la provincia de Entre Ríos, Silix se ha involucrado de manera activa en esta tendencia mundial hacia el código libre, cuyo objetivo es conseguir productos de calidad, favorecer el desarrollo constante y facilitar la adecuación a necesidades específicas.

Las tecnologías vinculadas al manejo de información ofrecen hoy posibilidades muy atractivas. Silix pretende mantener a sus clientes insertos en esta tendencia implementando en empresas u organizaciones de la región tecnologías innovadoras a nivel mundial.