GNU Health
GNU Health

GNU Health is the Free/Libre Health and Hospital information system

GNU Health is a Free/Libre project for health practitioners, health institutions and governments. It provides the functionality of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Management (HMIS) and Health Information System (HIS).

Its modular design allows to be deployed in many different scenarios: from small private offices, to large, national public health systems.

GNU Health counts with a growing, committed and friendly international community, that brings the best from the social, biological, medical and computer science fields. No matter where in the world you live, we are passionate to keep health - and health informatics - a non-negotiable human right.

I hope you find GNU Health motivating and inspiring, and we're looking forward to have you as part of the team. You can find us in the mailing lists, IRC channels or social networks.

Freedom and Equity in Healthcare !

Luis Falcon, MD